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Busting Rotary Myths!
Myth:  Rotary is for men only
Rotary International began in 1905, and in the early years of its existence women were not prominently represented. Today, women are a strong presence in Rotary – comprising more than 50% in our Rotary Club of Bridgton-Lakes Region membership.  Leadership positions filled by women in our club are well above this percentage. We welcome ALL!
Myth:  You have to attend Rotary every week
Most Rotary clubs meet on a weekly basis, and members are encouraged to attend whenever possible, but we understand that there are many demands on the time of individuals in today's fast-paced world. In addition to regular club meetings, Rotarians have other ways to become involved, such as fundraising activities, community service projects, leadership training events and social activities. Some members are able to attend every week, but some prefer to contribute in other ways. 

Myth:  Rotary is for businesspeople
Rotary’s membership base is a broad cross section of people from diverse backgrounds, cultures and professions. Our diversity is our strongest asset. Teachers, bankers, accountants, retailers, students, plumbers, electricians, health care workers, farmers… you name it, they are all represented in Rotary. Work from home? Just starting out in business? Moving up through the ranks? Made it to the top? Retired? There is a role for you in Rotary.

Myth:  All Rotary clubs are alike
There are over 34,000 Rotary clubs in the world (more than 7,500 clubs in the United States).  No two are the same. They are all unique, with unique members, unique projects, and unique culture. Each has its own board of directors who administer the club autonomously. One of them is just right for you!

Myth:  Rotary is an old fashioned organization
As a century old organization, it’s reasonable to expect that there are some long observed traditions in some clubs. But the very highest levels of Rotary leadership, both at global and local level, are encouraging clubs to innovate and implement progressive policies and programs. The Rotary Club of Bridgton-Lake Region has launched a variety of programs recently aimed at engaging the local community in fresh new ways. 

We think these myths have been totally busted!

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Club Meeting Information
Welcome to our Rotary Club
We meet as follows:
         7:15 AM -  Bridgton Community Center
                            15 Depot Street
                            Bridgton, ME  04009
Months having 5 Thursdays
         The 5th Thursday is a designated fellowship date for the club.
         Please refer to this Web Page for the particulars of that month's event
From March 26 to April 2, Interact students from Lake Region High School, Fryeburg Academy and Telstar Regional High School will travel to La Romana, Dominican Republic with local Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Bridgton-Lake Region to do work at a school and playground in one of the bateys, a settlement where sugar cane cutters live.  On Sunday night, March 12th they had a packing party to load up all the supplies collected over the last months, which will be taken on the trip and distributed to the families.
Our Rotary provided a delicious meal to the local community on March 9th as part of the weekly Community Kettle.
Join us at the Fryeburg Fair as we sell stuffed, baked potatoes alongside members of the
Fryeburg Area Rotary Club.
Lucky Duck!  First place prize of $500 was awarded to Trevor Hinkle at the 17th Annual Duck Race sponsored by the Rotary Club of Bridgton Lake Region. Pictured are Trevor's family who bought him a ticket. 2nd place winner received $250 and 3rd place winner received $100. 
Welcome President David Barker and congratulations Past President George Szok.  Emma Bodwell, Mody Botros and George Szok were awarded the prestigious Paul Harris Award at our dinner.
Statement of Purpose
The Bridgton Lake Region Rotary Club, a non-profit service organization, helps our local communities’ youth, elderly, veterans and others worldwide in need of food, utilities, education, and access to health care and other services by providing financial support and engaging in hands-on projects.
Rotary – 1.2 million members helping YOU make a difference!
Serving Bridgton, Denmark, Harrison, Naples and Sweden